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'Career Suicide is Overrated' - And Other Lessons for Leaders About Honouring Mental Health Where You Work, Live, And Play

...a must have, must read book for any leader in the public safety world. The real life examples provided from an author who has “walked the walk” puts everyday leadership into the grasp of all current and aspiring leaders. This book should be on the desk or in the duty bag of every public safety leader. I only wish such a comprehensive guidebook on leadership that focuses on the mental well being of our employees was available earlier in my career.

Rick Derus, Retired Deputy Chief, Windsor Police / Retired Inspector, Ontario Provincial Police

Brian Knowler is a leader in many ways - this book shines a bright light on this fact...Being a good leader is not easy, thankfully this book highlights ways to be such, and encourages the implementation of new techniques to foster positive direction and management.

Natalie Harris, retired paramedic, Founder of Wings of Change Peer Support, author of 'Save My Life School'

...very well written and packed with insight from the perspective of one who has been there and seen both the dark and light side of leadership in a PTS world. Works like (Brian')s represent the next big step in emergency services leadership. When published, I hope to find the right place for this in our organization.

Mike McFadden, Training Officer, Calgary Fire Service

This book fills a critical gap in current leadership and mental health literature. In a short volume, Brian Knowler covers it all --ethics, leadership vs. management, even trying to keep the game face on at work when you’re barely keeping it together inside.   Speaking as a manager who’s dealt with my own anxiety issues and having seen them in my co-workers, this book should be on every leader’s must-read list.

Tim Campbell, Division Head, City of Fullerton, CA

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Advance reviews for Brian's book are glowing!

In Brian's second book he discusses the leadership, both good and bad, that he has experienced during his fall, and recovery from, post-traumatic stress. He puts forth a theory that modern leadership needs to be carried out by what he calls Capital -L Leaders - leaders who realize and appreciate the constantly changing, ever-growing role that mental health issues play not only in the workplace but across society. He illustrates these lessons with examples that he has encountered since his traumatic incident in 2004 and channels his inner literary and history geek through the use of quotes by famous leaders and thinkers who have shaped the course of our world.